Phone Skills 101 for Mini Cooper Repair Shops

As an Mini Cooper auto repair shop owner, much of your communication is over the phone to your established and potential customers. Whether it’s someone calling about a Mini Cooper problem they’re experiencing or wanting to schedule an appointment, or looking for a quote, having proper phone etiquette is quite essential for your business. It reflects your shop’s character, and in some cases can make or break the sale.

The Importance of Professional Phone Skills

Many times, the telephone is the first form of contact for your customers. With that being said, it’s important to make a connection with them. To do this, make sure that your customers feel important, and that they feel good about making the call to your shop. You want them to walk away from the conversation feeling confident, and that they made the right decision calling your shop about their Mini Cooper issue.

How to Answer Your Phone & Speak to Customers

Sure it seems easy to just pick up the phone and being the conversation, however, the customer’s first impression is usually determined at the beginning of the call. Here are some tips to make the experience positive and seamless:

  • Phone Ringing – Do not let the phone ring more than 3 times if you can help it. Yes, you might be busy in the shop and not have an office or service manager available to answer, but over 3 rings is too long and makes the customer bored and think you are too busy for their needs.
  • Greeting – A simple greeting such as “Good morning, Euro Garage, this is Tom ” is best. You identify your shop and who the caller is speaking to, which makes it more personable.
  • Tone – Make sure you have a pleasant, welcoming tone. No shouting over noisy repairs going on in the background if you can help it. And don’t forget to smile!
  • On-Hold Time – If you need to put a customer on hold, to handle another matter, be respectful of their time. Politely ask if you can put them on hold.
  • Call Time – Do not rush or limit a customer’s call. Make sure you place importance on them.
  • Ask Questions – Gather info on what they need/want from your Mini Cooper service center.
  • Listen – Perhaps one of the most important things, for any type of relationship, is listening. Listen to their concerns or issues they may be having with their Mini Cooper. Repeat what they are saying, and invest interest.
  • Next Steps – Tell them the next steps, whether it be to schedule an appointment or to give them a quote over the phone. Guide your customers.

By having a positive demeanor over the phone, listening and following the rest of these tips, you are taking steps to making sure your customers have a positive experience, feel important and are essential to your shop’s success.