MINI Cooper Service: Inspection 1

Inspection 1 checklist for your MINI Cooper Service Appointment

Inspection 1 (Inspection I) or Minor Service is the second step in your MINI Cooper Service Schedule. Inspection 1 goes beyond the basic MINI Oil Change with a few additional service items to help keep your MINI in tip top shape.

MINI Cooper Service Schedule: Inspection 1 Checklist

When you take your MINI to the certified MINI repair or maintenance shop of your choice for Inspection 1 service, you'll want to be sure that all of the tasks listed in the Oil Change are performed with the addition of the following:

  • Change Interior Ventilation Filter,
  • Change transmission fluid (CVT only),
  • Check wipers and washers and add fluid if necessary,
  • Lubricate doors and locks,
  • Check battery condition,
  • Check suspension,
  • Check CV boots condition,
  • Examine the exhaust system,
  • Check manual transmission fluid level (if applicable),
  • Pressure check cooling system,
  • and Reset the Service Interval Indicator.

After performing the tasks included in your MINI Inspection 1, your technician will take your MINI Cooper on a road test to examine overall performance.

How often will I need to perform Inspection 1 in my MINI Cooper Service Plan?

Follow the guidance of your Service Interval Indicator system to know when you'll need your Inspection 1 service. Mini Inspection 1 times will vary depending on your model and year, the climate in which you drive, and your driving habits.

What other service intervals are included in the MINI Cooper Service Schedule?

You will also need to familiarize yourself with the MINI Oil Change interval as well as MINI Inspection 2. For articles on these intervals as well as our other MINI Cooper service related pages, please visit our MINI Resource section.