Mini Cooper Countryman Sunroof Rattle

The Mini Cooper Countryman is a compact crossover sport utility vehicle. It is the first of its kind to be produced under the Mini Cooper brand by German automaker, BMW. Small and stylish, the Countryman, produced from 2011 up to the present, has been a popular choice among car buyers looking for a fuel efficient compact vehicle. That's not to say that is a worry-free vehicle, of course.

Some owners of the Mini Countryman have complained about a rattle emitting from the sunroof of their vehicles. While this may not be a serious issue in itself, it can certainly cause a distraction to the driver, which is never a good thing. A rattling sunroof may be the result of a small part or foreign debris entering into the window's track. It may simply need a good cleaning. Adding a lubricant may also solve the problem.

For some drivers, this problem is affected by the strength of the wind. It has been suggested by Countryman owners who have experienced this issue, that the problem is due to a drain plug located in the sunroof that has a small flap on it. When the flap is in motion it makes a noise like a rattle. Simply removing this flap has been known to eliminate this problem.

While it is certainly possible that you may remedy this situation yourself with a few simple tools, you also have the option of taking your Mini Countryman in to an independent foreign import repair specialist to get their expert opinion on the proper repair procedure.

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