Mini Cooper Countryman In-Cabin Leaking

The Mini Countryman is a compact SUV owned by the parent company of BMW. This German car maker has produced several models of this great looking sports utility vehicle, especially between 2011 and the present. However, like all cars, they can give their owners mechanical problems that need to be evaluated by professional mechanics.

An issue that has been reported by Countryman owners in the past is the draining of water inside the interior of the cabin when the car doors are open. One could safely assume that the culprit for this collection of water would be faulty trim around the doors of the vehicle. At least one driver who was experiencing this problem claims that despite having all these sealer strips replaced, it did not effectively halt the leaking of water into the car.

From the report given, it seems as though this is direct result of water collecting on the roof or in the doors when it rains, and not an issue of the water accumulating inside the roof and eventually draining out. While some drivers feel this is a cause for concern, many drivers admit that this is due to the design of the vehicle and there is no remedy for it.

Whether this problem is a result of the general design of the Mini Countryman, or whether there is another yet to be diagnosed issue at play, cannot be ascertained without inspection by a competent Mini Cooper mechanic. If you are experiencing this issue, you should bring your Countryman into your local German car service center for an evaluation.

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