Common Repairs on the Mini Cooper Countryman

The Mini Cooper Countryman is a compact SUV that is produced by Mini Cooper, which is itself owned by the Bavarian Auto Works, or BMW, for short. The Countryman is a crossover sport utility vehicle that features four side doors, plus a hatchback. Popular since 2011, there are a few issues that are known to occur with this vehicle.

Sunroof Rattle: Some drivers of the Mini Countryman have reported a rattling sound that is coming from the sunroof of their vehicles. This may be due to a plug covering that is flapping in the wind.

Acceleration Stumble: Some drivers have reported a slight stumble in the throttle while accelerating. This short hitch lasts only a second but may be a cause for concern and should be looked into.

Rear Hatch Stuck: Some Countryman drivers have reported that the rear hatch of their SUVs fail to open even though the indicator light reports otherwise.

Failure to Start in Cold Temperatures: Countryman owners who live in colder parts of the country have reported that their SUVs fail to start right away when the temperatures have dropped close to freezing.

In-cabin Leaking: Some owners have reported that excessive water collects on the roof during rainstorms which consequently drenches the driver and passengers as they exit the vehicle.

If you are the owner of a Mini Cooper Countryman and are experiencing any of the mechanical problems outlined above, then you should consider taking your car into a trained German import mechanic for a complete diagnosis.

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