Mini Cooper Clubman Water Leaking In Lower Boot Well and Doors

The 2008 Mini Clubman is a marvelous addition to the Mini Cooper line. A classic estate car, the Clubman was originally introduced in 1970, when BMW bought the Mini company. Some owners report that water leaks into the lower boot well and the doors of their Clubman.

Water should never leak into your car. There are numerous seals, tubes, and drains that are there to prevent any excess moisture from building up, and when any of these parts malfunctions, you might be looking at a rather damp ride. The primary locations where many Clubman owners experience leaking are in the doors and the lower boot well. The water is easily heard sloshing around when the doors are opened, and easily seen in the lower boot well. The question, obviously, is “where did all this water come from?”

Any amount of rain can create a small puddle if there’s a bad seal. Car washes also give free reign for moisture to find a way to tunnel into the doors. Lastly, the change of seasons and the fluctuation of humidity can result in moisture collecting in these areas. The culprit, in many final analyses, is the door handle. A poorly constructed or incorrectly installed handle will lead to the exact sort of symptoms described above, and the only fix for it is a brand new handle installed on your car.

Determining whether or not it is indeed the car’s handle is not a simple task, nor is the installing of a brand new handle. This is why we urge you to take your Clubman to a local Mini Cooper service specialist for a professional examination.

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