Mini Cooper Clubman Rear Brake Grinding Noises

The Mini Cooper Clubman, introduced in 2008, was a variant of the iconic Mini Hatchback. A continuation of a tradition that stretched back to the 1970s, the Clubman comes in several variations, including a Clubvan and an Mk2. Often, owners complain of rear brake grinding noises.

Brake noise is one of those tricky issues that might represent a problem, or it might just be the way the brakes are. Most Mini owners who experience chronic brake grinding or squeakiness find that the rear brakes are the primary location for the problem, and that the issue becomes more pronounced when going in reverse. Many drivers aren’t even aware that their rear brakes squeak until they are told so by a passenger sitting in the back seat. Additionally, many owners claim that this problem arises with very little wear on the car, only 5000 miles or so.

Oftentimes, grinding sound is attributed to the rotors or the break pads. Over time, these elements wear down, become pitted with rust, and need to be replaced. However, with only 5000 miles on the car, it is unlikely that the rotors have received enough use to begin breaking down. The other option is that the pre-load assistant needs to be replaced. This feature helps the breaks by spreading the weight of the car around more evenly, and if it begins to wear down, you might experience the exact sorts of grinding and squeaking as a worn rotor.

It is worth regaining your peace of mind on this issue, so we highly recommend taking your Mini Clubman to a nearby German import service expert for a thorough diagnostic and examination. If there are serious problems, the experts will find them. And if you have nothing to worry about, they’ll let you know that as well.

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