Mini Cooper Clubman Jerking Transmission

The Mini Cooper Clubman is a variant of the tremendously popular Mini Hatchback design, featuring an expanded interior and wheelbase, but retaining all of the quintessential “Mini” elements (such as the boxy frame). One of the prevailing issues with the Clubman is a jerking transmission.

Unstable transmission movement can be disorienting and disturbing. In the Clubman, most owners who experience this problem describe it as a sudden event, with nothing to indicate that it will occur. Shifting becomes difficult, whether it be from park into reverse or into drive, and is accompanied by jerking/lurching. Simultaneously, the brake light, the engine light, and the transmission warning light will engage. Some owners have said that they turned their car off, let it sit for a while, and when they returned the car didn’t lurch anymore, but all the warning lights were still illuminated.

There are several possible causes for problems like this, and they range dramatically in severity. Your Mini might simply be experiencing an electrical problem located in the Steptronic interface software. The Steptronic interface is a transmission system that differs from both manual and automatic, and it relies heavily on electronic communication between parts. If it begins to malfunction, you will be experiencing just the sort of jerking and shuddering described above. Another, more serious, cause could be with the Aisin transmission. This, thankfully, is rare, however it is worth checking out.

Transmission issues are always tricky, and improper handling of them can leave you without a reliable automobile. The safest bet is to schedule an appointment with a local German auto repair center where highly trained professionals can examine and service you Mini Cooper Clubman.

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