Mini Cooper Cabrio Shaking While Steering

The first generation Mini Cooper Cabriolet is a line of convertible compact cars built from 2005-2008. These vehicles offer the consumer a fun and economical car that is perfect for urban drivers. In addition to its traditional British style, the Cooper also benefits from German engineering, courtesy of Mini’s parent company BMW AG. Though normal praised for its dependability and soundness, Mini’s German-inspired mechanical base does cause problems for some Mini owners.

Often, Cabrio owners have reported experiencing a shaking or vibrating sensation coming through the steering wheel, even on smooth roads. This sensation covers a wide range from a slight vibration to a clearly palpable shake. Most often this is a progressive condition, which means it may start with a vibration and progress to the more pronounced shaking. This is obviously very concerning as any condition that affects the steering is a grave safety hazard for vehicle occupants.

There are many possible situations that could cause shaking in the steering column. The bushings in the steering system may be worn. Or, it could be improper wear on the tires or an imbalance in the tire pressures. Even more alarming, it could be that parts of the steering system have become loose. Because the nature of the repairs directly affects the ability to safely operate the vehicle, we recommend you visit a professional German auto import mechanic right away.

Your local trained Mini Cooper specialist can properly diagnose steering issues and any other mechanical problems you may experience with your vehicle. They will strive to make sure your vehicle is working properly, keeping you and your passengers safe.

Search for a local, independent Mini Cooper repair shop with Mini Cooper mechanics that have dealer-level expertise at a fraction of the expense.