Mini Cooper Cabrio Leaky Roof

In 2005, British brand Mini Cooper introduced the Cabriolet as the first Mini convertible to roll off the line since its acquisition by German automaker BMW AG in 2000. The stylish and fun soft top car was wildly popular with consumers and sales were very strong in the United States. The Cabriolet has all of the economical features of a compact car coupled with the versatility of a convertible. Though the convertible was a strong selling point for Mini, the soft tops did have some issues.

Consumers often report problems with their convertibles related to leaks or condensation on the inside of the soft top. They notice small leaks particularly around the back window, or at the seams of the material. Further, if the car is kept in a moist, humid climate condensation can build on the inside of the top and result in fogged windows in rain, or frozen water droplets in colder climates.

The material used to manufacture the soft top comes treated from the factory, but often an additional weather seal is needed. Many types can be found at your local automotive store, but they are not always recommended for every type of soft top material. If you have leaks around the rear window, the seals may have been damaged or improperly applied.

A trained service mechanic at your nearby Mini Cooper service center will be able to examine your convertible Cabriolet and identify any potential problems with seals and recommend the correct products to use for maintenance on your car. Not only do they specialize in repairing these vehicles, but they also provide a wealth of knowledge that can be invaluable in extending the life of your car.

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