Mini Cooper Cabrio Convertible Roof Problems

The compact Mini Cooper convertible is one of the most iconic automobiles produced in the last two decades. The Mini Cooper appeals to several different tastes: urban dwellers concerns with vehicle size, economically minded folks who prize good gas mileage, and those who just enjoy the Mini’s visual styling. Part of that visual appeal is the convertible top, which provides two different ways to experience the thrill of riding in a Mini.

Frequently, Mini Cooper Cabrio owners report noticing issues with their soft tops that begin with a reluctance to lower the top all the way when the system is activated. This may or may not be accompanied by a loud whining noise. Sometimes, the roof will only retract partway and then suddenly stop. Eventually, the automatic roof retractor may completely cease to function.

Often, the problem may be attributed to failure of the motor that lifts and lowers the roof. Or the sensor that monitors the position of the convertible may become loose, which tricks the vehicle into thinking the roof has closed completely when it hasn’t. Or there may be any one of a number of electronic faults in the vehicle’s monitoring systems causing the problem. Because of the technical nature of many of these repairs, we do not recommend attempting to fix them at home.

The knowledgeable staff at your local Mini repair center have the correct tools and years of experience, ready to assist you with any issues you may experience with your Mini Cooper. Customer satisfaction is their primary goal, which means you can rest assured they will strive to repair your vehicle in the shortest time, with the best price to get your Cabrio on the road again.

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