2nd Generation Mini Cooper Window Problems

The Mini brand may be owned by BMW but it has become synonymous with Britain and the 60s in particular. The Mini Hatch/Hardtop was introduced to the world in the mid 2000s with the 2nd generation being produced from 2007 to 2014. The Mini remains a beloved automobile, however, it does require maintenance and repair periodically.

One problem that some owners of the Mini Hatch/Hardtop have encountered is an issue with the windows. There have been reports that the one touch window ceases to function completely or functions erratically. It is usually either the passenger's side or the driver's side window that poses a problem and rarely both. The window will go down automatically when the switch is pressed but will not go back up. Sometimes holding down the switch for the duration will get the window to go back up but this is not how the auto window function is supposed to operate.

It has been recommended by drivers experiencing similar problems that repeating the up and down procedure with the window for a period of thirty seconds will recycle the switch. If this fails to correct the problem, then it is time to take the vehicle in to be checked out. Many of the delicate pulleys and gears within the door may be faulty. This could be due to age, overuse, or corrosion.

If you are the owner of a 2nd generation Mini Cooper Hatch/Hardtop and are experiencing any issues with your power windows, you should take your vehicle in to a trained German import technician for the proper repair diagnosis. You should also receive an estimate of all the repair costs involved and get back on the road.

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