Common Repairs on the 2nd Generation Mini Cooper

The 2nd generation Mini Hatch/Hardtop is a great looking economy car that has been wowing the public for over 60 years. The 2nd generation Minis, produced between 2007 and 2014, are generally very reliable vehicles, however, they may encounter mechanical problems periodically.

Cold Start Issues: Some drivers have experienced problems starting their Mini Cooper vehicles when the temperature outside has dipped below forty degrees. This is not the norm, however, and may indicate engine trouble.

Interior Water Leaking: A few owners have noticed water leaking into the interior of their Minis, sometimes a day or two after it has rained. A leaky sunroof is the likely culprit in this scenario and should be resealed.

Window Problems: Sometimes problems with the power windows can occur in which the windows will fail to go up or down when the switch is engaged. This can be an annoying problem especially in hot weather and may be a problem with the motor that powers the windows.

Heated Seat Problems: A failure for the Mini Cooper's heated seats to warm up could be due to an electrical overload, low battery or a sign of a more significant electrical issue. In cold weather this can be an annoyance to drivers.

Auxiliary Water Pump Noise: Any unusual noise coming for the auxiliary water pump could be a sign of trapped air in the pump. It could also be an indicator of a bigger engine problem.

If you are experiencing any of the issues listed above, you should contact a specialized German auto maintenance mechanic for a complete repair diagnosis and get an estimate for repair for your Mini Cooper.

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