2nd Generation Mini Cooper Auxiliary Water Pump Noise

The Mini became one of the more influential cars of the 20th Century after it was introduced to Britain in the late 1950s. The 2nd generation Mini Hatch/Hardtop continues in this tradition. Made from 2007 to 2014, this Mini has thrilled the car buying public but has been know to encounter certain mechanical problems from time to time.

One such issue is a problem with noises coming from the auxiliary water pump. Some owners of the Mini Hatch/Hardtop have reported weird noises coming from the water pump. In some instances, this noise occurred with the replacement pump that was installed due to a recall by Mini on certain models of their vehicles. While some noise may be normal for a water pump, it should be easy to discern noises that do not sound normal.

It is possible that air may be getting trapped in the pump and that is what is causing the noise. If this is the case, then the radiator coolant system may need to be drained or vented. This may help resolve the issue. If it doesn't, or if you are unsure of how to perform this task, then it is recommended that you take your Hatch/Hardtop in for repair.

If you are the owner of a Mini Cooper that is experiencing any odd noises emitting from the auxiliary noise valve, or any part of your car's engine, then taking it to an independent Mini Cooper repair specialist is the first step in resolving the issue. They will also be able to provide you an estimate of the repair.

Search for a local, independent Mini Cooper repair shop with Mini Cooper mechanics that have dealer-level expertise at a fraction of the expense.